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October 12, 2008


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I know what I'm doing on our crop weekend.

Christy (a.k.a. Krissynae)

What an amazing project. Love the book it is beautiful.


great project and I really loved your story about using the photographer's camera at the recent wedding. What a great opportunity!

Andrea (Creative Junkie)

Deb, that book looks beautiful and what an incredible project to participate in - you rock.


I would love to make some albums for this with my daughter. A great community service project. Can you send me insructions for the Chatterbox one that you have??? It may be a little easier that the ones I have. Thanks bunches, Kathy


Thank you so much for this information! I'm definitely going to try to make at least one (hopefully more).


Where can we send our finished albums?


What a great project! Can you email me the instructions for the mini album by Chatterbox? Thanks so much. Also, do you know if there is a list of hospitals to receive albums in the future? I'd love to participate at some future point (time just won't allow me to right now). Thanks again.


Can you please send the directions for your album? I have been in a SB burn-out for over a year but of course have an embarrasingly HUGE stash of supplies and really want to put it to good use. This would be PERFECT. My email is [email protected].



I'd love to help. Can you send me the instructions for the chatterbox mini album as well as how to get the albums to the right person? Thanks!



This sounds like such a worthwhile cause. I'd like to give it a go! I have the exact album in mind already. Are there any other guidelines, or is it all up to us?

becky d.

i would love to do this! i attempted to email angie since i live west of the mississippi, but it came back as a failed email :( so i just forwarded it to you, deb...

Karen Fobert

I would love to contribute some albums. Could you send the instructions for the album you talked about.
Thanks, Karen


I'd love to contribute, can you give me particulars and the instructions for the Chatterbox album? I've got lots of paper stash to use up! Thanks!

Betsy Pratt

What a wonderful cause to contribute to! I'd love the chatterbox instructions, too, please. I'd love to do a few girly and a few boyish albums for those incredible kiddos and their families to enjoy.


I just did a post on your Sunshine Album Project. Take a peek at www.jonipossin.blogspot.com.


So glad to help! I did a little post on my blog too at:http://athomewiththerichardsfamily.blogspot.com/ Thanks for a great idea and all your work on coordinating it.


I would love to make an album, or two, or three....would you send me the Chatterbox instructions and how we should get these albums to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I would love to make an album, or two, or three....would you send me the Chatterbox instructions and how we should get these albums to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tammy Pepper

I would love to help...my 17 yr. old daughter and I will see if our youth church group might be able to do some for a service project also. I would love the instructions for your chatterbox mini albums. I will look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much.

becky d.

I was in contact with Angie, but never got the name of the contact person at St. Louis Children's hospital (she hasn't returned my latest emails)...do you happen to have the name?? Please email me!

Becky D.

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