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September 22, 2010


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betsy sammarco

cool - you were in my neck of the woods! can you believe, i've never been to Mystic Pizza!

Deb Wisker

I'd love to go back again Betsy! We should make plans to meet!

Brenda from 2ps

How fun! You'll have to go back when the ship restoration is finished and take 'after' photos. It looks like it'll be a cool-looking ship! And I like the drawbridge shot. When I went to Seattle a few years ago I'd hoped to see a drawbridge or two (I think they have some there? hehe) but I was so busy getting lost that I didn't get to do about half the things I'd had planned.

Joy (aka Wingnut)

Oooh! That ship restoration tour must have been so cool!!!


I have always wanted to go to Mystic Pizza. I loved that movie!


Great pictures! Looks like it would be a fun place to visit.

Barbara Graves

I so love the picture .. these are great hope u had a great time....

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