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November 17, 2010


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Sabrina L

Gorgeous! What a fun project to have. I love clock...maybe a piece of black cardstock would make it blend a bit better if you're not happy with it.

ellen s

oh gosh this is amazing! i cannot wait to see the finished project!


Wow this is going to be gorgeous when it is done. Lots of work though, I personally love the clock in there.
I didn't start my Dec. Daily last year until sometime in January. All I did during Dec, was take pictures and in a notebook wrote down what happened that day.
I liked doing it all at once, but that's just me.



Wow...that is a long term project! How awesome it will be when done! I like the clock..definitely keep it, even if it gets moved to another spot!


Love the printers tray!!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Connie M

This is going to be fabulous when you are finished!!!!I have one and use it as a back drop for taking my photos that have on my blog. I would love to see it when you are finished~I know it will look amazing!!!!


What a neat project!


Wow! I am impressed! That will look really cool when it is done. Good Luck!


How cool! TFS! :-)

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